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 Marble Mountain, also known as the other is Non Nuoc

This is a popular tourist destination in the city of Da Nang, close to the city center 7 km to the southeast.

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This is a famous scenic limestone mountains with 6 Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, located in a row of golden sand next to the shore. Marble Mountain is a scenic associated with the volume of traffic and golden eggs. This is one of the legends associated with the formation of the Marble Mountain and Han River 

     Before joining the journey everyone should prepare some personal belongings for yourself and dress fit like sneakers or uniform suitable for a hiking trip.

    Visit the Marble Mountains where you first should not be overlooked is the shop, company Origin rock art here. Get the original raw material is limestone in the Limestone with many stones enough all colors like sapphire blue, ruby ​​purple color, or simply white marble ... with skillful hands of artisans where This has produced a lot of work with limestone. There are many famous works of the world are coping with very delicate limestone and beautiful as the goddess lost freedom. Even those Vietnamese girls wearing conical hats long or zebra are artisans crafted entirely of limestone with impressive color. I was impressed by the kind of jewelry made from ruby ​​and emerald rings bracelets or necklaces sure all of you will not resist the appeal of it and will take a bit of money to buy them on do gifts for your family.

      After hours of visiting the stone workshop we will move up the mountain we will have two options is to climb the mountain and take the elevator. According to my experience, you should up the mountain by lift and climb down the mountain. Will try to be both feeling avoid skipping any experience for your trip. And everyone in the group I was so surprised when I saw a very beautiful shores of betel leaf, if you think back to see firsthand a long betel blue cling coast on limestone very wonderful it made me think of my friends built betel leaves.

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     I chose the same group up the mountain by an elevator when the elevator you will observe sea and land ice from the upper village. When it peaks thing that surprised me is between October weather, you're not blooming phoenix but I saw a red phoenix tree burgeoning flowers between 4 and front side of a mountain Linh Ung pagoda. A tourist traveling with the delegation expressed surprise and looked with eyes very interesting. And no one explained why phoenix flower here.

    Do not know what is the scent of flowers, but when you come here to hear the faint scent very pleasant make you very excited gentle soul you will relax deeply. Coming to this mountain will be a lot places and caves that you need to go. There is a cave that I was impressed that this was a Tang Chon Cave contains a lot of interesting things await you haxy yourself the opportunity to discover it!?

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Marble temple with statues Linh Ung Pagoda and incense Comfort nghut busiest place on the air here makes solemn and extremely peaceful. When you go to visit the temple is finished aquarium front page also saw the bridge go down. Choose to walk down the mountain to be able to enjoy the exciting experience both offline

   End of a long journey with the discovery of new and more interesting experience. Try once came here to feel clearer about all most the limestone caves where offline.

Wish you have plenty journey rewarding and interesting.

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Da Nang Travel Experiences wish you happy travels!


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