Tourism Danang 3 days + (Day 3)

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3rd day

(Café Long - puppies - Cham Museum - Marble-Hoi An - Beach night) 
Along Da Nang travel experience

Perhaps the night to see the swing bridge mode will make you tired and a little sleepy so you can sleep later prior to the next place. Of course, if you get up early is better, you can get up to see the sunrise sea, watching the fishing activities of the fishermen, or maybe do a tour around the city to feel the atmosphere of Da Nang on morning.

- Café Long: Danang has a café extremely famous toad, which is Long. Café here is delicious, sit-style café table outside North grafting. People come here to chat, read a newspaper, enjoy a cup of coffee. In Long's habit, as the culture of the people of Da Nang.

- Cho Con: This is where you will have the opportunity to enjoy almost all the dishes at Da Nang from dirt cake, pancakes, soup, pork roll ... So, if not promptly enjoy any item, you can look at here, please! Moreover, there are many other items, you can come here to buy gifts for their loved ones gifts.

- Museum of Cham Sculpture: this really is a treasure trove of culture, architecture and sculpture of Champa. Da Nang is the land of the ancient kingdom of Champa, where the Cham architecture (also called Thap Cham)  unique. If you are a history lover, likes to explore the culture, you definitely should not skip this place. You can read more about Cham Museum here!

- Marble: Located on the road to the sea clung to Hoi An, should visit this place. It lies near the tourist area Non Nuoc Marble mountain is five stone (Kim paints, wood paints, paint Mercury, Mars and Saturn paint coatings) look like bonsai emerged between a rock immense dunes , around five foot waves lapping below.


Visit Marble Mountains, you should go big mountains Thuy Son, Tam Thai Pagoda, Huyen Khong caves, the Linh Nham, the Van Thong, Lang Nowhere action, the Van Nguyet ... a system of temples extremely unique cave. Also, at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son with Non Nuoc stone carving village with the art of stone sculpture is hand local artisans sculpted diligence, you can get something as a gift, or referendum presentation of the family. 
Traditional villages in Marble famous throughout the country, had the black sculptures progressions king.

Huyen Khong - Ngu Hang Son 
- Hoi An: The last place in the 3-day itinerary, but if you ignore it you will be very regretful. Just 30km from Danang, passing scenic coastal road, both sides are 4-5 * dream resort. Hoi An is one of the world heritage to be proud of Vietnam. You should come here range afternoon (3pm) for sure just about 2h Hola you can explore every nook and rigid near here prior to the time of his transfer of Hoi An, you will see marvels from 5 pm-6pm. When you remember to buy tickets Hoi An 80k / persons to be selected among three prominent landmark here, Fujian assembly halls, temples Bridges, performing arts district in which you can choose. The landscape is part of Hoi An, Hoi An cuisine but also one of the experiences you should definitely try. 
Save high floor with tasty noodles closely indescribable. Bread Phuong Khanh Madame dubbed "world's finest bread", Tam Ky chicken rice ... These are dishes you should try.

Covered Bridge, the symbol of the ancient town of Hoi An.

If lucky to Hoi An on the day 14 (lunar) month, you will enjoy a truly festive here, a festival filled flower. Once there the old town off the lights, light a lantern house. And people with tourists holding lantern lights sparkling waterfront dropdown Society. You can refer to more detailed articles about my Hoi here!

- A very rewarding experience for you so you can feel all the beauty of Hoi An: Do not just go watch the beautiful scenery here, learn about the history and meaning of them, because when you understand them you'll find it incredibly beautiful. 
You can hire a tour guide to take you to these places and tell you all the beauties of the places you go. However, to save you can follow a tour group to hear sisters!

- Return to the Sea: Maybe coming back from Hoi An, you should spend a little more time to see the ocean at night, enjoy the specialties more before parting Da Nang, it was a great moment for for you there!

Also in Da Nang had plenty of great bars, very beautiful and healthy, if you like you can look at it to feel more vibrant life of this city. Pubs in

Danang is very cheap. Besides the experience of a landscape, you can buy the snorkeling tour, forest trekking Son Tra ... if you want.

What you need to ask for information or chat with the chat box Admin at home!

S Finish 3rd day, you schedule appointments 4th day

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