Tourism Danang 3 days + (day 2)

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Itinerary details Day 2 
Along Da Nang travel experience

Day 2 you have to choose: go Bana and Cham Island. This is a rather difficult choice because the two places are very beautiful, not to be missed, but only choose either to continue their journey. Because if not entirely devoted the whole day to 1 in 2 places too regrettable indeed. Here, I would advise cacban Bana Hills location, because this place is an excellent choice for anyone to Da Nang to visit and move here as well as convenience. Cham And you should stay over night, temporarily unfit for 3-day schedule. If you have time, you should go Cham.

- Enjoy the sunrise over the sea and watch the fishermen fishing: if up early morning, you can go to the beach to watch the sunrise, bathing and especially see people fishing. It will be an experience you never forget. A rare experience in the large tourist beaches, world-class as in Danang.

- Ba Na Hills: After sunrise, enjoy breakfast (today you can try the bread, rice paper Phan Chu Trinh street) you reach the starting 8am to go to Ba Na Hills. Located 40km from the city center, just reach 45'-60 'drive to the next place. You can choose to take a taxi, bus or motorcycle. When to Bana, you'll have to buy one ticket "package", now adult fare 550k / person, children 450k. With this ticket you will take the cable car, watching a beautiful setting, see 3D, 4D, 5D, in the ma ... and play almost all the games in paradise fun

This player (except for games that require buy coins to play). Rest assured that it is completely worth the money you spend. Also, you can add a little money to go to watch the entire roller coaster amusement paradise here.

 Try to play all the games in here, please! Visit Ba Na Hill you can inquire trip down the cable car is a few hours later, that trip was to see Da

Nang from above in the evening light)

- Enjoy the night and enjoy sea food: After returning from Bana on, make you "a little tired". Relax and enjoy Danang cuisine such as seafood, there are many seafood restaurant at My Khe coast, you just choose a shop, eat and watch the sea night (Listed price cut should not worry guillotine as other beaches). If you want to view all the city you can count on the rooftop of the building Alacart, HAGL building or Skybar to enjoy the panoramic beauty of Danang. However, prices of services at 2 this place is not cheap at all a head start! 70-110k for a cup of coffee around the brim

- Han River Bridge: With people Danang Han River Bridge is a symbol of new life, a desire to go to the city. Han River Bridge is not only creating more favorable conditions for transportation, tourism, stimulate economic potential of a vast land in the east of the city but also a cultural hallmark of modern Da Nang City. Someone needs to watch the Han River has described: "Oddly, the bridge began to split between two. Holder of Rotary in principal between the bridge. Horizontal beams rotate 90 degrees just like the Han River flowing to pave the way for large ships to pass through. A strange spectacle, unique that people saw are intently watching ". However, to enjoy the special of this bridge, you have to wake up to 1 am, by then, the new bridge began to move her! But in exchange for a beautiful scene, some pictures check in at the moment "to transfer her," That is the formula to 23 pm, where there is nothing, is not you? Enlist wait until 12 pm, you can watch the sea, watching the city at night, especially to enjoy seafood specialties along here on the beautiful beach of soil clinging Da success. It will be a very interesting experience, memorable for your trip.

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