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With three days to explore all the beauty of a city tourist center of all the region 
Central as Danang's impossible. There are many destinations for you to go, many experiences and dishes for you to explore. However, in this article, I will send you a schedule sufficient time for your trip, but also discover the best spots in Da Nang should go. And if you have more than 3 days, you can stretch out his schedule, go more places to feel more, more details about the scenic beauty, human, cultural Danang.

Before starting the journey, there are two things you need to do: 
- Choose yourself a suitable hotel (near the sea, the price is moderate with pockets). His 
will be the hotel of your choice from cheap to good prices. And reasonable price just text alone in the chat section! 
- Select suitable means to move, it really depends on the financial, health, personal travel, family travel, group travel, adventure tourism or pleasure ...

Day One (Linh Ung Pagoda - Son Tra Peninsula - My Khe Beach - The Bridge) 
- Linh Ung Pagoda (Son Tra Peninsula): This is the first tourist destination you come 
(not calculate the beach), especially for those who prefer spiritual. Linh Ung Pagoda best positioned Danang, his back against the mountain, facing the sea. Standing here you will be looking at the color green in the distance nuocien, small boats tossing on the waves. Inside the temple you can admire the giant Buddha Ba, immersed in the fresh natural scenery, a peaceful spiritual space. Linh Ung Pagoda is regarded as one of the most sacred spots in Da Nang, Da Nang residents said that since the temple was built, storm dwindling, and there are some great typhoon to Danang but to avoid going the other direction. This is a place not to be missed for anyone to Da Nang. To go Linh Ung Pagoda you can rent a motorbike or a taxi.

City panoramic view from the top city Ban Co on Son Tra Peninsula. 
- Bai But (Son Tra Peninsula): Located in the south of Son Tra Peninsula, one of the most beautiful beaches of Danang. This is a pristine beach with white sand, turquoise water at noon and become green when the afternoon, this place will create a pleasurable feeling hard to describe to anyone what guests love the sea and features especially those who enjoy pristine beaches, deserted.

- Whether you are able, giant banyan tree (Son Tra Peninsula): Peak is the highest board of Son Tra Mountain. Standing here you can look down the whole city. Landscape paintings that will make you stunned. Can not imagine. One of the city's most beautiful sky in Vietnam, where rivers, mountains, sea, city ... become one. As giant banyan tree located near Linh Ung Pagoda, so you just need to ask a little sugar will know soon enough.

 means most convenient and economical to visit this journey was on a motorcycle.

 Linh Ung Pagoda will not collect deposits but by custom car care you support when parking so be prepared loose sisters!

- Enjoy culinary Da Nang: There are many delicious dishes at Danang you should definitely enjoy such as pork roll, Quang noodles, noodles, rice paper trails, Phan Chu Trinh Street Bread, cakes pancake, tea Xuan Trang ... You can refer to information about food here. The first day you should try immediately roll pork dishes. This dish eat once sure you remember forever. In Hanoi also has a base, but the secret of making this dish is the sauce to taste, only family recipe in Danang.

 A very interesting thing in Danang are all dishes must be listed price, so you still do not get tight guillotine offline!

- My Khe Beach, Pham Van Dong: My Khe beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. With white sand, clear water, big waves ... 
The more the pristine beaches, uncrowded even in water, the more beautiful sea. Sometimes there are small fish herded through foot when you're swimming. And on the beaches pristine fish and the nails the waves washed ashore. Sea in Da 
Nang is one of the tourist attraction around the world. Making this place become one of the attractive new destination on the planet (by Tripadvisor votes) you win?! My Khe, Pham Van Dong was two beaches near the center, you should rent accommodation, along the beach there are many restaurants, facilities for bathing, eating and moving. And Non Nuoc and the beach deserted resort for you like quiet, like the empty beach, but a bit far away to where you live.

Danang - the city of bridges. 
- South River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly ...: Da Nang was named the city of the bridges. Indeed, the bridge has created a unique beauty to the city. Visit here to reach the evening, you will feel the atmosphere of living of the people. In the evening you can take motorcycles, crossing each bridge, shooting the scene when the lights on the bridge. These streaks colorful shimmering reflections in the river is a spectacle, "only in Da Nang". It really is a gala dinner combined light and the bridge. 
Bridge Han River and Dragon Bridge are two sentences civet attract the most tourists. If you come on the weekend, you will have the opportunity to watch the bridge fire-breathing dragon. And especially, you remember taking a picture with carp dragon icon at the bottom of the bridge Dragon bridge offline! 
 A small experience for your motorbike, you can leave the coastal road motorcycles (allowed), but you'll have to look, so if you are traveling alone you can send the car in large buildings, often free and secure city walking tours, Indochina building is a place you can send without cost. 
NOTE: Perhaps the first such day is enough for you to feel for the beautiful city of Danang. You can retire gather strength for the trip the next day. 
On Monday (Dawn on the sea - Ba Na Hills - Eating seafood - Sight Bridge 
Han River rotary)

What you need to ask for information or chat with the chat box Admin at home!

Ending journey first day you schedule appointments Monday

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