Hoi An shimmering with the flower tops

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Coming to the resort town of Hoi An.

In addition to putting their lanterns in the wind the rustic old town of traditional folk cuisine is still one expenditure regret here that those who visit here nostalgically Mai festival flower drop lights.

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Festival of lights drop a traditional festival of the people of this city for a long Assembly was held regularly on the first day and the fifteenth day of each month.

Be afloat in this quiet Hoai River, those who have never visited Hoi An is a pity

Walk into any time period can drop the flame lantern

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In fact, any day people here are selling the flower tops to serve the guests.

But on normal days, you would not feel the excitement and feel the beauty of the flame full flower under the dreamy river.

The visitors should choose the major festivals of Hoi An elaborate as the Mid-Autumn full moon, Vu Lan ceremony, the major Buddhist holidays ... ..

Buying flower where and how to drop: 

The flower tops are locals along the street selling in stock and this along Hoai River at 5,000 a flower tops. Sold to locals or tourists alike so you do not worry about the price side nhé

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Can you stand along the river banks to drop the flower tops or can rent a boat here to the middle of the drop. Each plays the boat is 90,000 VND to 5 guests are equipped with life jackets. You will have a new experience and great with the operation of this new and rewarding

Attracting a large number of tourists both domestic and abroad on holidays in five large drop flower festival was an event quite familiar and regularity in the old town of Hoi An. The foreign visitors to look amused, curious to when interpreted, they accept the hand of peace to pray for family needs

If you ignore this experience you will surely regret so please go there is to try to make a new feeling new moments, creating colorful and unforgettable memories of the journey you.


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