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Coming to the city was dubbed the Da Nang City Tours.

Could not help but come to a well known tourist destination in here- most g ecotourism destinations Ba Na hill.

Bana is a mountain also known with a different name is Nui is located in Vang District, Da Nang City from the city center about 50 meters west of  
Characteristics: located at 1487m altitude compared to sea level air Conditions temperate year round this is one of the eco-tourism the largest resort

ba na hill

Pocket some tips for conversation during the journey to Ba Na Hill :  
Some inventory necessary that you should have as; 
- Personal items  
- jackets thin gloves scarves ... (for visitors on early morning or at night) 
- hats, umbrellas and raincoats (responsible for movement in the afternoon rains.) 
- Canes take a selfie, cameras, engine can help you save your memorable moments and the beauty here. 
- Drug colds or car sick ... 
How to move while Bana Hill; 
At Danang move up the foothills of you may choose one of the following means: bus, taxi, or private vehicles such as motorcycles, moto ...

Stemming from the foothills to the top of the cable car you will go up fares are carefully controlled so you can be assured about the price. You can choose the type of day tour 
you should go early preparation and a little tongue ensure your journey will experience all of the games and attractions in the resort of Ba Na Hill

Where to go and what to do:  
Go to the  Ba Na Hill  feel that you carried with me was the mystery it will stimulate your curiosity and urge you to explore it. location in the foothills of you will move up on the moving process you will feel the air pressure is slowly changing and slightly cold when high sometimes will make you shudder breathed breathless. Look around you looking like you're seeing the clouds but not nhé thing is that there is fog. you will be observing the ravine and from primary school wing on a high position. 
Reaching the summit where I would want to be that most French Quarter with the ancient buildings bring European architecture as is bring you to Paris. These buildings include churches where the bride and groom performed the wedding ceremony here. 
It is no coincidence that the Ba Na Hill was dubbed the 'foreground' by the scenery in harmony to create a style poetic landscape, people's hearts. Cloud top level flight with shimmering color flower garden of hydrangeas and sharp enough flowers typical of temperate 
Come gentlemen surely we should not overlook the ancient wine cellar here. Cellar with old bottles of rare wine to help visitors enjoy and experiencing a new feeling for the award thuc.Chac sure this is one exciting experience when you come to  Ba Na Hill . 
Known as Paradise Game fruit is not wrong to play at amusement parks you will embed themselves with the game feels like free fall tower, climbing, haunted house, around the love .... There are many games await you 
to this point can not be ignored that Linh Ung pagoda atop Ba Na Hill continues to move by cable. Up to the temple you will see a huge Buddha statue he. This is one of the largest statues. 
Shopping and eating nothing: 
you can bring back souvenirs such as handicrafts goods, dresses, printed box Bana Hill, the image Other special 
culinary Coming here you will enjoy the delicious dishes cooked by the chef at the restaurant or food stall. Guests can also choose their own meals buffe ... 
You can spend the night at the hotel, in the temple or the more adventurous can customize your tents .. option to ensure you can give yourself a great experience best  
Let yourself once set foot here. It will be an adventure a fascinating journey awaits you 

ba na hill 2

See you in our city in one day.

A desirable destinations in Ba Na Hill


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