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Coming to Da Nang tourism tourists not only admire the beauty in the most civilized Danang Vietnam, but also very tasty snacks for guests are tourists here. It would be an omission not small when to Da Nang without enjoying the delicious food in this city. Here we will share travel experiences danang special snacks on new undertakings in Danang.

  •   Bun bo Hue: A real set of human food is widely favored hue you've eaten this dish in Vietnam or other places or you have not tried this dish, please put undertakings enjoy this dish Danang you will feel the full flavor of beef noodle soup original hue. With over 20 years experience in cooking bun bo Hue Hue beef noodle shops she Commerce located on Tran Quoc Toan Street (near the intersection of Yen Bai and Tran Quoc Toan). You will feel the flavor and sweetness of the bun bo Hue characterized here.

Bun Bo Hue

  •   Nursing her pancakes - very famous: Located in exhaustion 11 (lane / alley 11) Hoang Dieu Street. Now renamed The new address is: K280 / 23 Hoang Dieu Street. Here comes sauce pancakes very special and very charming. Highlighting how shop around than it. You remember that right into exhaustion finally customary right is her pancakes Dental Nursing.

Nursing her pancakes

  •  Chinese rice paper sandwiched What : Located at 62 / 2A Nui Thanh sandwiches with processed foods as diverse as bread eggs, sunny side, pate always do you still want to eat anymore eaten with Chinese chef is what dishes here is always fresh and like eyes.

Chinese rice paper What clamp

  •  Tron- pigskin fine flour: If visiting Danang without trying this dish is sure you will have no regrets because the opportunity to enjoy. Dai dai pigskin plus cell papaya with a little basil mixed it all together, you will feel nothing when putting them in the mouth chewing.

Tron- pigskin fine flour

  •  Banh Trang Le Dinh Duong alley: Located at 172 Le Dinh Duong with cakes coated on both fantastic with extremely price for your plastic particles ranged from 15k-20k per dish. With roll Dalat busiest dishes here because very crispy and fragrant. So should the seat will not be if you slow. If you've tired of having enjoyed too much salty food here, here we will list the food is delicious and you'll probably be like.

Rice paper Le Dinh Duong alley

  •  Toad Dragon Cafe: cafe dragon toad became brand in Da Nang with a long history of managing this cafe cafe dragon was formed in 1980 is much loved because of its unique taste, the beans are the best choice by manual methods, technology store cafe, roast, in the secret part dinhtao nenthu pure coffee powder scented do who walked also want to stop enjoying. Space in shop here is also very special. Those are the small tables and stools for around just enjoy just watching the street café. Now that the price is extremely cheap just 8000 / ly address bar located at 12 Le Loi Street 3, Hai Chau, Da Nang (Le Loi - Quang Trung).

Cafe toad dragon

  •  North American food market An avocado cream: Just as the name implies, ice cream is made ​​from two materials is ... butter and cream. Also, the cream is added very fragrant crispy dried coconut, coconut & peanuts fat is eaten immediately fascinated. Section cream was delicious, the butter is also owner should choose butter had elaborately plastic thickness for medium and fat, blended with ice cream, it was nothing compared with properly.

North American food market An avocado cream

  •  Dish fruit ice cream: Top Favorited, ice cream fresh fruit. You call 1 part ice cream, you will enjoy a bowl full of ice cream with flavors featured in addition to this shop there are other ice cream with prices from 12.000VND to 25,000. This restaurant is located at 137 Le Dinh Duong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

Dish fruit ice cream

  •  Specialty Tea Milk And Ice Cream Cube: The Cube's attractiveness Thai.Topping cream roll pan super much, very cute bear shaped jelly. There are many flavors to choose from. The composition consists of milk cream rolls, ice cream and fresh fruit or simply vanilla. These materials are made ​​smaller on the pan until the winter ice decreases. will be fascinating tomb experience while enjoying the cream of this Escalators.  What is exceptional is the only ice cream rolled in sugar No.22 Hai Phong, Da Nang.

 Cube Milk Tea And Ice Cream

  •  Tea grilled bananas: God will be chilly, enjoy a cup of tea, baked bananas, nothing could better. Da Nang grilled banana porridge cooked with flour sale, fragrant coconut water and ... of course, grilled bananas. Coconut water here is not from coconut water which must pass a meticulous manufacturing process: grated coconut (not a young coconut), puree, filtered through a thin layer of fabric nets, grandchildren fetch water, cook and add sugar Coconut water until thick again. Address: Suite shop on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, behind the old Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen Chi Thanh junction near - Haiphong. Shop sold from noon to night.  probation in alley Ong Ich Khiem, alongside 190 Protestant churches Ong Ich Khiem. Shop selling evening.

Tea grilled banana

  •  Hot Tea "squat" Phan Chu Trinh: Tea squat - a rather strange name but who Danang almost everyone knows. Shop selling tea in the evening, on a car carrying the pavement, eater would squat on a stool. Full shop sells teas from tea beans, red beans, green beans, banana to tea, lotus seed ... With a hot cup of tea, you can just chat with their loved ones while watching the city of Da Nang on night. The restaurant is at 226 and 261 Phan Chu Trinh.

Hot Tea "squat" Phan Boi Chau

  •  Especially in Danang have very special café is Café Milano: people used to call this shop is "Coffee eat" or "eat Coffee" because after you finished your coffee can-eat cups containers of coffee with a delicious taste and especially only in Danang. These cups are the cafe Milano cake was processed with only a limited number of only 300 ones are created. This shop is located at 123 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Da Nang.

Cafe Milano

On the food was delicious and unique in Da Nang will be a major shortcoming for anyone traveling to Da Nang without visit once to enjoy this dish. The Da Nang travel experience and knowledge of tourism danang will benefit for contacts and help you shrink a trip danang entirety.

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