Equip Danang travel experience to a great trip!

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Equipping of ng rare Danang tourism trip to t rowse great!

I'm Hainan (SV years 3 Hanoi University Bank) I've been to Da Nang tourism nearly 3 months ago. With many beautiful impressions of this city. Far from noisy bustling Hanoi and traffic jams.

Danang has emerged as a famous landmark in the central region with many d his stunning landscapes and cultural heritage from ancient history and long insurgency has become the destination of many friends in domestic and international. After going about it today, I would like to share with many of you are planning to go here, get some experience traveling to Da Nang  with the most reasonable cost, wish you well as you will have a trip leaves behind many impressive and beautiful pictures offline. 

Da Nang Travel Experiences

Danang one of the most beautiful and clean city in Vietnam and is emerging on the world tourist map, with speed and fast economic development is a key tourist city. As is the nature favors city has many scenic spots are known as: Cham Island, Marble, South River, Ba na hill , Hoi An ancient town ... and many other recreation areas very modern Go round the sun. Especially here have many bridges have gone into legend with unique architecture as Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, to Tran Thi Ly ... The difference is that Danang has a security service considered Best, you complete peace of mind while traveling sea city.

These factors are the reason that not only their own and you will choose to travel to Da Nang tourism .

So to Da Nang tourism in the appropriate time of the year?

Danang is a coastal city, so you should travel in the summer from T6 to T8 is about the best time to watch the sea and its release to the beach beach clean and beautiful. This is also a time where many tourists travel to the most Danang.

Means that you can come when traveling to Da Nang :

There are three common means to Da Nang are: bus, train and plane

Aircraft: The domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar or VietJetAir ... have direct flights to Da Nang and especially these firms often have promotional fares Da Nang route you should determine exactly Time flies and so book early. Often airfares to Da Nang from 500k - 1 million / pm in the price will be cheaper at KM help you save costs. You should contact the company to be hunting cheapest fares.

airports da nang result

By train: Train station of Danang have located in the city should be moving extremely convenient. Cruise is the ideal choice if you want to admire and respect those who get car sick. The price is also quite cheap train tickets, you should order tickets early to get a good price and most logical seats.

ben downtown car da nang result

Ride guest beds: Bus Danang also located in the city center so very convenient for moving to town. All provinces have come to Da Nang route buses so if you intend to travel by car, you should actively LH with garage before going offline to book seats fit

And to get more experience, you can travel by motorcycle to dust Danang, however many people you should go to ensure a safe and happy to have you accompany. Go phượt very convenient you will not have to depend on anything and have the opportunity to admire wonderful roadside.

he thong khach san da nang result

Motels, hotels in Danang so on, beautiful, convenient and very reasonable prices if you know how to book through travel agents.

You can Call: 0912 148 135 Da Parish travel company for assistance with reservations and ask Tours Danang

Stay hotel chains, motels in Danang vary from affordable to high-end and luxury, so you can be assured of safety issues as well as the quality of your stay is guaranteed.

If you want to cruise, but still be able to visit the city, you should choose the hotel next to the Han River, ks prices here are also relatively moderate around 250k / day, if you like the luxury resorts you can choose for yourself the 5 * hotel. In here, you can jog to a walk and a tattered shower very favorable, especially in view of the sea is very romantic night mentioned someone with a girlfriend.

You can go to the hotel to visit: Cheap Hotels

If you want to travel in the city center, you should select ks near Danang airport are priced reasonably for your pocketbook. To be convenient when you come play area, entertainment. Then you should ask the tour operator about tours and places where entertainment is reasonable they will advise you enthusiastic!

Delicious food when traveling to Da Nang ?


hai san da nang result

Danang is famous for cuisine with many delicious dishes made ​​distinctive taste like pork roll book, Quang noodles, noodle sauce, veal thui Cau Mong, fish ball noodles, nem lui or other snack bars you can participate more in her vision delicacies ... That's some special dishes you should enjoy while traveling through Danang, the price is also very affordable and not tight guillotine travelers and security food offline.

Places to visit enjoy Da Nang tourism:

Coming to Danang you can free swimming at some beautiful famous beaches such as My Khe Beach and beaches in Son Tra Peninsula, Xuan Thieu beach or the Non Nuoc beach ... so, you should bring swimming goggles and swimsuit offline.

well da nang result

Also, you can visit the museum in Da Nang, Marble Mountains, stone carving village of Marble Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda, Lang Co Bay - Hue, ride the rapids in Phu Thanh Hoa resort is one of the Thrilling games are like notes, mud bath you should ask Tous go some locations will very reasonable about money bag ... .ngam Han River Bridge - the bridge can pass the night and you can participate the attractive entertainment at Ba Na hill, HELIO, Asian park ... If you like fun and like to have many beautiful pictures go to Sun wheel spin very attractive offline.

It features traditional festivals such as boat racing festival is held on lunar month every year, the Fish Festival was held after the festival and celebrate and Avalokitesvara. This is the oldest traditional festivals of the coastal people here!

And add a travel experience Danang indispensable you should notice is that there is motorbike rental service: To facilitate the visit and walk around you can rent a motorbike of travel agents or at the reception ks or put the car help and relatively reasonable prices ranging from 90-120 VND / day. If you go to many people own can also rent cars 7 seats or 16 seats LH Xu Da Travel Company 148 135 0912 reference price offline.

for the skin follicles result

Gift Buying - Souvenirs when traveling to Da Nang

You can buy the fresh seafood or dry foods such as squid, shrimp, dried fish soaked in the Korean market or Con ... her youth cakes First, most countries South He, My Khe seaweed, ... the gift specialty that tourists usually buy false g as a gift upon arrival Danang.

H disappointed with the share above will help you equip yourself with the necessary experience to avoid status "quack money".

Da Nang Travel Experiences

Wish you will have a tour of Da Nang was amazing!

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