Da Nang Travel Experiences

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Da Nang is a major tourist city in Southeast Asia

Well-known tourist city of bridges, beautiful beaches and romantic. Located in the heart of central Danang travel conditions favorable weather throughout the year with little rainfall and sunshine dep.Day is one of the factors helping to Da Nang tourism growing.

You leave yourself a few bags of experience when coming to this beautiful city: 
The first is to choose the time and location where you want to go ahead then selects moving form. About time you will choose between March to August of this period Danang weather will not rain and sunshine is ideal for your stay.  
Please select the location where you really want arrived and experience with it.

 Bana hill 

This is where most of you should come to Danang. Known for its romantic scenery and fragrant Ba Na Hill makes you to be surprised at the magical transformation of the weather. You will go through four seasons in one day to come here, the spring-down-fall-winter enough. Not only attract visitors about the weather here was impressed with you by the architecture of Europe which clearly is of French architecture with bold castles Paris. The visiting here will experience the game interesting and challenging in paradise game with the feeling of the pleasure

Hoi An is a place not to be missed.

Go with ancient houses built hundreds of years ago small alleys of the old town with romantic lanterns and shimmering with all kinds of colors, making this the night becomes graceful and romantic. Along with human rustic quiet gentle river to Hoi An you will have magical feeling relaxed 
travel experience Danang

Cu Lao Cham

scare for those who like to explore biodiversity Cham tourist hot spots in the past few years. Here guests experience snorkeling trips and observing the variety of marine life here. The mangroves exploring the night life or the island will give you a great journey when you visit here

Prepare yourself beautiful bikinis and most glamorous addresses in the My Khe Beach. This is one of the foreign newspapers are 1 in 6 voted the most beautiful beaches on the planet. You'll be watching the early morning fishermen publicity put the fish into the boat full of people bustling scene shore to buy fish in the boat. Another interesting experience is not it



A place suitable for those you love to explore. Full of wild character with the cave and the stairs waiting for you to conquer. Try feeling the same person you love are on the ladder step and see the cave where, feeling great and will box. 
In addition to the locations that I introduce to you, it was very much a new location and attractions are waiting to be explored

End of the journey interesting. The tourist destination of weapons you have, the longer the first one in Danang we attract guests that are moist end- specialty dishes here 
Coming to one place, the sea surrounding the seafood is always 1 amazing food. The seafood restaurant with delicious pot along with shrimp hero uncle toned you eat them one meal a game. Very popular here do not forget to visit Ms. Cui 98 pear seafood yang of your family will enjoy the excellent seafood dishes 
Pork rolls is the signature dish when you come to us. Enjoy anywhere and you can also do to enjoy fairly simple but is sure to make you unforgettable 
Try to visit the tea shop in Le Duan Xuan Trang very rustic tea shop affordable and agencies more important is delicious tea. This is the place attracts many tourists and even locals 
There are a lot of dishes await you enjoy selling like pancakes, noodles barbecue, pastries such as cake less leaf spines .... Worth you expect

Please select the hotel of good quality and fit your budget. In the city there are many reasonable hotels to choose from as Bambo Greet, Pacific, My Khe, Thanh Binh ....

Surely everyone wants to travel have brought gifts for family and friends choose the venue as the night market or markets welded large supermarkets in the city to choose the gift of beautiful yet affordable nhé !

Please look for your trip and exciting matches. See you in our city on one occasion near nhat.Chuc for a journey and you have a great experience for yourselves journey. 

Da Nang Travel Experiences

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