Da Nang travel experience for the whole family

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Upon arrival in Da Nang Tourism

I have a little experience of Da Nang tourism last trip for you please share!

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About Tours travel bookings inconsiderate to let us have peace of mind when you take the tour, but for reasons such as you have children, natural feel good health can not postpone or cancel trips go, this can make you spend an unexpected charges.

Today I will share with you their experiences for families self-sufficient you want to go to Da Nang tourism experience drawn from myself and family traveling to Da Nang for you . 

I and everyone in the family traveled to Da Nang new home, feeling very happy, very detailed and extremely like saving offline.

 Program yourself and family by himself up, costs are appropriate relative to the pockets of families. Through self-organizing his last trip to share with you for a little extra travel experience Danang

My family went 6 adults and 1 baby 4 years old, in two rooms only. His method was hunting from hotel discounts on tours supporting companies, to flights to also book early to take advantage of preferential prices nhé you. Following is his preparation when traveling to Da Nang: 

1. Hunting trip airline tickets to Da Nang: You can arrange to be accurate travel time is very convenient to be able to purchase discount tickets of the airline when buying ve.Khi get my plane, then decide on timelines gone.

Sang 2nd step: start choosing rooms Danang Hotel in Danang, Search Nearby Rong and sea or near the Han River Bridge is the most ideal. 

2. Top search on Google to find the hotel where you intend to stay (lh followed you with a travel company they book through the hotel to get the best price). Find their hotel name, address search on Maps search map view location near Khe beach has not, so that they find few hotels like the hotel, I booked the room for 6 people 400k through 1 company tour, takes about 3-5 minutes walk to the beach out rùi. When I call the travel agent it they helped proving Tours hotel and go inside their compound so that the most reasonable. Should feel very money. They transfer their family at the hotel. 

3. Programming promenade in the coastal city of Da Nang: I've gone so just select the highlights for sightseeing only, namely: Ba Na Hill, the ancient town of Hoi An and Cham - his journey himself go according graft Tours help his company's hotels in Da Nang, Ba na hill 850k / person, Cham 500k / person.

Inside his home with a new baby should have to hire a tour, you do not entangled baby or like freedom, it is ok to go, rent a motorbike to move to this point and buy tickets and enjoyed free entertainment machines, car rental Games machines around 90k - 120k / 1 day. But his family was renting one car its own 7 seater shuttle from Hoi An to Danang, go out for half a day from Hoi An has a wealth Marble (go all the 5 mountain dentist takes about about 2 hours, if the rent directions they understand better result and is faster), then I had the Son Tra peninsula, the Korean market purchases, only 900 K all ok also because self go so very comfortable.

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When the house property and go eat, then you can ask other employees in the best hotels or go online to find the address was intended master wants something for comfortable hunting.

Danang food is also quite cheap, but so close to the sea so much fresh seafood restaurant that also do all it delicacies. Let's go play all the highlights, including food, hotel, first jaunt out approximately 2tr / person.

moan that is shared by a friend in Hanoi when traveling on league sign up to send your reference:

Da Nang Travel Experiences

Wish you will have a trip like the truth and fun.

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