Ba Na Hill - Road to Heaven

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Ba Na Hill was known tourist paradise with a name of the game.

Besides the attractions stunning western cultures unique.


So let's explore and uncover the secrets of this unique game:

Talking to Heaven game here is to mention some of these attractions

ba na hill 2 result


It is the largest amusement park Bana Hill with a total area of ​​up to 21,000 square meters. Well get in 5 areas of entertainment in Asia's biggest home game with many attractive and attracting a multitude of class participation as the children of young couples or even the dads Mothers super hard.

Go with fantasy Pank travelers lost in the land of the elves or are themselves wandering through the world with the game exciting discovery as experience with haunted house coincides with the monsters rolled or determine zombie the only sound you hear could make chills. Try the game thrills with freefall tower or Skiver pilots and hundreds of different games await you here

na hill waxwork three areas result

2. waxwork gallery

Queen recently in early 2015, but this is a tourist attraction as to Bana Hill. You get the picture very impressive and meet famous people through the world's most ... .. waxwork exhibition area you will meet Obama or Davicbeckham players or famous princess Angela Jolie and over 40 The remaining celebrity singer mathematician or financier of the world is converging on the town.

na hill three flower gardens result


If you are a romantic couple young people dreaming soul, this is a place not to be missed while there. The flowers are blooming with the scent wafted across the resort. 10 flower gardens with names very funny as Mystery gardens, garden or garden Uyen Uong memories these names as take you back to childhood is not it. Visit this beautiful garden if to Ba Na Hill if unsure you'll regret.

na hill three high-speed tube slide result


This is a strong feeling game requires you to be brave and self-adjusting steering the ship himself. You will control tube sleds from above through the spiral of road full of challenges. This is a promising new venue for those you love to learn the game creates excitement.

It deserves the paradise of the game here, you will be immersed in the feast of interesting cheered even the cheerful comfortable or his identical fear when crossing the challenging game awake, let your trip have the most enjoyable experience! 
Experience Danang tourism have fun!


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