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"If only one day, what would you do in Da Nang?" - Of course, this question is asked only fun, but few who traveled to Da Nang which is only a day away. 

However, scheduling a date suitable to you to spend one day in 3 or 4 days to see her, to experience and feel Danang of a child under the Da Nang (like photography, wandering ) still choose to do. Sure to follow footprints will make you not regret.



With young people like to move Da City weekend trip not to be missed wandering Hue - Da Nang in less than a day at the Hai Van Pass and open Lap An (Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien - Hue).

Be newspaper The Guardian (UK), voted one of the 10 most attractive stretch of road in the world, Hai Van Pass between Da Nang - Hue has always been the target of your child likes to cruise, or any visitors public calendar. After crossing the road crookedness to reach the top, visitors will have the opportunity panoramic sea view the whole city from a height of 500 meters above sea level. 
If visitors to Da Nang without visit Hai Van Pass would be a major shortcoming.

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Hai Van pass, visitors will come to enjoy specialty Lang famous oysters in town. 
Where to eat cheap but tasty are the locals who frequented the shop Hong Nhung.

Here visitors will not fear tight guillotine, can easily enjoy the full taste of oysters fresh seafood and delicious tingle many hours. 
When the sun pitch the ball, do not rush of tourists right which should hover over dress An establishment to watch the sunset over the lagoon. Main wild beauty and charming little place here did not have to stupor visitors, hastily recorded lots of shooting beautiful moments.

Van Village with white sand as the bow curved claws. 
The feeling sipping coffee on Hai Van Pass gives a real feel Admin novelty.

Hai Van Quan is the landmark demarcation between Hue and Da Nang.

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Lang Co Bay View from Hai Van Pass pretty hard to describe. The place was known as one of the most beautiful bays tinh.Voi seafood items are very cheap.

And here is the picture looking towards the corner of Da Nang city. You can see the white sand stretches, see blue and rolling of the mountain?

Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain pass in Vietnam. It is named Hai Van is "heaven most important heroes" wrong result.

Going further, to Lang Co bay you will see the spectacle of this fishing village. Simply beautiful.

In front of Lang Co sea, the lagoon and the mountains behind is. This beauty is hard to describe.

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The wooden house on Lap An lagoon.

Or the dunes in the area will make you smash super comfortable.

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Sometimes you will encounter those who worked on the dress peach sea worms.

Enjoy the sunset on the dress will be an experience you never forget in your journey.

Then when the moon rises, you go back to Danang vibrant, bustling, leaving behind the scenes that Admin think, will never forget you.

Less than one day for this journey, you are ready to hit the road now?

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Admin is a native of Da Nang so rest assured that you just go in the footsteps of "lifting" decent.

If you want to find more about the experience helps Vietnam Traveling g please chat in the chat box below! 
Admin will answer all your questions!

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