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When traveling to Da Nang

You visit the famous villages in Danang on a trip to discover new lands and many exciting experiences.

 Together with the artisans of peace and harmony in daily life in the city suburbs.

Rice paper ancient village Tuy Loan - Da Nang

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Tuy Loan Village is an ancient village from downtown Da Nang city 15km west range. Old village with idyllic life and lightness here is one of the places where many tourists visit. 
People here along with the village was famous for dishes made ​​of rice paper on the village Tuy Loan became a name familiar to any visitor arriving where sunny, windy and loved it. 
The land of origin of 2 food specialties Origin Da is roll on the Roll Noodle dishes Square tray and pre-75 years of the twentieth century. Use main ingredients are rice, sugar-coated cakes range from 50cm diameter, roll in here mostly cooked in small households Maybe instead of processing under Regulation concentrate as large villages . 
The cake when the oven will bake dried or under different kinds can be eaten directly. Along the artisan baker to make a delightful experience during your trip, be realistic about the craft of making cakes in the beautiful land is naturally in favor of this.

Cam Ne mat profession

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Also not far from the village roll Tuy Loan, Cam Ne with territory near Hoa Tien commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city center near 14km west-south. So famous craft villages Cam profession thousand generations with the traditional projector. Cam Ne derived from elsewhere is Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa Province introduced here between the XV century. 
With a diverse range of projectors from flowers, width, narrow woven in many different designs bring more choice for users. Projector profession entails leeway with ingenuity, meticulous in person made ​​it. When starting to anyone who compares what artists will also have to prepare carefully and learn a lot of experience of these artists go ahead. 
Screening of Cam Ne quick and popular in the market by nature diverse and durability, firmness of it. However, Cam Ne mat faced many difficulties when competing with goods of the same type of large manufacturing facilities. 
And until it recently to be aware of Cam Ne mat career as you will be out about how to make it and left his unforgettable imprint of a traditional village.

Nam O fish sauce trade village - Danang Suburb

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Nam O fish sauce trade village has long become a familiar address with many extremely tourists to Da Nang by flavored sauce here that has followed so many passengers Vietnamese and foreign tourists go to pieces new soil. 
Inherently possesses natural aromas with scents very charming and seductive because Nam O fish sauce used in suture materials make sauce separately. Fish was selected as the coal anchovies, caught in reach 3rd lunar month, this is the time when the fish have high protein rice of the year. Fish after fish is selected, must remain salinity, not through fresh water and wash the fish is the only to do with your finger. 
So do fish need more time distillation and check very carefully. Just keep characteristic aroma of fish here and just keep the salinity, in particular aromatic fish sauce when cooked until it is distilled. Many processes use ingenious and that is why Nam O fish sauce brand quickly be many guests of choice. 
With famous brand fish sauce, visiting tourists can totally safe choose for themselves the center bottle delicious sauce Nam O brought during his tour.

 Dried sesame cake Cam Craft Village North - Da Nang

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Dating from the 50s of XX century, dried sesame cake made ​​from glutinous, sesame, rice and sugar at festivals it is used ancestors, ancestors and are favored food items used to invite people to eat while in town house in the occasion. 
Having originated from areas close to Da Nang, Quang Nam, dried sesame cake is also Vietnamese brands are preferred as products such as dried sesame cake, dry bread and explosion. 
The delicious cake and crispy light yellow on the outside, soft on the inside with familiarity of the image of dried sesame cake cups water, tea party went on folk songs, proverbs Vietnam. Is there more to be enjoyed even just delicious aromas out ovens, distillation through 7 layers of fire, and heated by hand craftsmanship, ingenuity of the artisan baking here. Village dried sesame cake will be kept and communicated through the descendants of the class here . Thus despite passing millennia, different generations of dried sesame cake remains the image and the taste of it in his heart to enjoy.

Da Nang Travel Experiences

Helped you to experience fun things revolve around many interesting villages in here for your upcoming operating sling. The colorful promises with unique cultural space will be memorable trip.

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