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When Da Nang Tourism

People point to point through 6 phượt should visit and you can camp "ambiance" most

Marine City with colorful bridges and festive fireworks light QT's brilliant colors, a prominent city of Vietnam and the country's brightest destination on the World map.

Now take the time away from the colorful lights and the bustle of the street, Da Nang Travel Experiences like to introduce to you six locations to drop into the wonderful nature here!


Phu Thanh Hoa 1.Thac

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This is Phu Thanh Hoa resort, located on Highway 14G - Phu Hoa - Hoa Vang - Da Nang continued to resort Ba Na Hill where one calendar to Danang area have had to.

It will help you meet all your requirements for a great vacation: resorts - fun - entertainment - culture and extraordinary cuisine.

You can rent the floor to sleep through the night, to mingle with nature!

Moreover, the passionate adventure you can not ignore rafting game here

Rafting adventure games are so many young people participated fully responded eagerly.

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And here there is a lot of wild meat to you freely enjoy spring as ice screws, wild pig farming, chicken and vegetables forest hill ... Helping you satisfied with diverse cuisine and fresh here! 
Evening you will have the opportunity to venture out VH body definition - Sedge Tong Tu Village characterized by three no "No service - no amenities - no distance."

 Many nocturnal here will give you a memorable experience of the campfire at night. It's cozy and very close to nature!

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Singing - cultural exchanges and campfire here

2. An Trung Hoa - Da Nang

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Lake is located at 2 Hoa Trung Hoa diocese of Ninh and Hoa Lien, a road about 7km Bana Games.

 Hoa Trung Lake is surrounded by mountains, green water lake in very beautiful year round, there are many well-known island hill orphan, as beautiful as a painting style charming.

Walking around the lake by canoe - a boat that you see on television or indigenous

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If you go in the summer will see the purple ripe fruit sim - you can pick delicious!

This is a great place to camp overnight.

You imagine, I was lying in a green meadow, looking up to the sky and breathe the fresh air of the mountains, in a bright yellow moon night. Is there something relaxed and more fun?

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3. Suoi Hoa points worth of mountain to Da Nang

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Suoi Hoa is located in the province of Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang District, HCMC. Da Nang, close to the City Centre near 35km.

There are year-round cool climate, very suitable for outdoor field trips or overnight camping 

We can rent a tent here and rest overnight

9 vegetarian Suoi Hoa nuoc result

It features a blue waterfalls and cool - combined with fauna - flora diversity and richness will make you really comfortable when immersed in nature!

The stream is flowing from upstream but always in cool year round

Here you will have moments of really immersed in nature, with sound of water gurgling streams, noisy sound of the waterfall, the sound of the wind crunch created here strangely peaceful setting.

Once here you can walk along streams, football, fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding ... I'll leave you an interesting thought!

8 soup vat Suoi Hoa result


4. Well God Danang - a mysterious location where you should look to

10 skylights da nang result

Well God in a primeval forest in the west of Da Nang City, between the mountains of Ninh Hoa, Hoa Vang District.

Well of Heaven Park is located near the top of the mountain, all year round, surrounded by rocks and trees four surface is so despite the midsummer heat, but water in the lake is always cool.

 Wells was still kept primitive nature. To get to heaven Well, you can walk from the slopes near the garage of Ba Na hill resort.

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Then you go deep into the mountains about 15km, mountain road very very bumpy.

Besides the steep, cloud spikes, slippery moss-covered rocks, dense pack squeezed under the canopy section.

So this is really a journey for you love adventure and challenges!

But until you hear and feel the flowing waterfall landscape. The separation with the outside world here, you'll have to marvel at and no remorse when coming to this place - because it is great!

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It is called the Well of Heaven because deep water lake located halfway up the mountain with waterfalls here as it rained down from on noisy - whispering all year.

Here you can manually create the means travelers moved on very special lake is the raft is associated with bananas.

Organize your own games

And a screen experience and not least special of picnics, are repertory crabs - snails and fish here.

Very fat sucked here snail ^^. But snails and frogs stream is not very much more, so you have to be patient and remember to bring a flashlight according to capture the frogs at night very interesting.


Phu Ninh Lake 5

Phu Ninh 13 result

Phu Ninh Lake City and Tam Ky - Quang Nam is about 7km to the west, from the Danang International airport and 70 km range, you always remember the GPS enabled phone to go home.

If you're looking for a peaceful place - dreaming and listening to tunes of the mountains, the birds chirping, the sound of water fish thrashed in harmony with the sounds of insects in the night chatting, .. then this is the place ideal for you to choose.

Phu Ninh 14 result

You can rent a boat and go around to enjoy the beauty around.

This is a truly wonderful combination of nature here, a vast mountain side, one side is the lake with small islands to natural thermal mineral water like islands Su, carambola pit, pit Ba long, white turtle, monkey island, wharf Wait Wait.

Camping on the peninsula

Phu Ninh ca cu 15 result

You can fish Lake

6. Bay Mau coconut forest - Quang Nam

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How Vision Danang City 30km south, you will see the village of Cam Thanh, from here to the center of Hoi An ancient town about 15 minutes drive.

 Here you will find yourself at the scene of a real village water river as the waters south of the vast forests of coconut water!

A beautiful painting wonderful countryside.

People here are very friendly hospitable and you will learn about fishing villages around the river or coconut water here.

People are caught shrimp trawling fishing on the river

17 fishermen edged Bay Mau coconut forest result

The contest featured regularly shake baskets held to tourists can join

Bay Mau coconut forest water is the mark of the typical revolutionary event in 2 wars of the country.

Here, you will be transformed into soldiers through imitation game battle in the forests of coconut water!

18 lac thuyenthung cuoc exam result o Vibration dua baymau

Games battle very large fake guests participate and enjoy

Cam Thanh people live mainly on tourism, so you can ask to stay home if people do not like to stay in hotels.

Here, you will live in a truly peaceful countryside, the language of the host frog hug ộp the night, sometimes scent Some of the rice fields during the season nine rustling of leaves or coconut water.

Confident you will feel the peaceful rustic setting where you can hardly find market urbanized here.

Da Nang Travel Experiences

 Will you find the appropriate destination when traveling to Da Nang to visit with family resort!

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