The dishes do you remember when traveling Hue

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Da Nang travel experience today will take you on a walk around this romantic city

To understand the nature of Hue dishes but if you come here you should definitely try!

 In addition to tourists enjoying the wonderful feeling to watch the historic Hue Citadel ancient masterpieces drop more on the melodic sound of court music cuisine here is that you never forget the city This flying rain.

1. Com Hen

com hen hue result

Food is not too unfamiliar with colonial in Hue. These are special dishes just delicious when you eat in Hue. From popular folk material here through the hands of amateur chefs mothers Hue mussel rice here always have a special flavor. Like other mussel rice dish with peppers pungent blend with the mussels with spices and served with white rice cool.

Places you should eat mussels Hue. Best is asthma or in No.2 Truong Dinh. This dish is quite soft price from 10k to 15k, but only very good for you to enjoy.

2. Bun Bo Hue

bun bo hue result
Go with Hue beef noodle as you enjoy and enjoy the soul of Hue. No need to analyze or argue about this dish again, traditional dishes from Hue's how life is. Enjoy a noodle bowl with a piece of sausage hue or re-studded but always makes you remember when mentioning Hue! 
As traditional dishes make up whatever position or sitting where you can enjoy a bowl bun bo Hue characterized tastiest. The price of a bowl of noodles here often from 25k to 40k price depending each type of bun bo!

3. The filter cake dried shrimps peeling

banh bot loc hue result
This is the dish that most guests enjoy eating. Green banana leaf wrapped steamed buns at him brought to you drooling already. Spicy shrimp are thoroughly dry before you put it on toast made ​​but very flexible and dried shrimp hunt feels great eating plus sweet and sour sauce spicy Hue bold. There will be dishes that you deserve pocket. 
You can eat it in the street vendors. Do not prejudge the nhé this street vendors always the optimal choice for you, try to overlook

Hue cuisine is very diverse and rich but very particular taste here. There are many dishes to try, but you should try your best to go in a hurry if they should try 3 dishes that travel experience Danang show you. 
I wish you had the meal hit and a delicious cup filled. 
Wish you have a great traveling hi!


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