The best dish you must try while in Danang

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After hours of entertainment to delight in the tourist places in the city the visitors will again immersed in the wonderful dishes here

Following the travel experience Danang

Will show you 10 dishes that come with this city tour you should not miss!

1. Rice Paper Roll pork - Specialty Ceilings

1 dac san tran result

Coming to Danang cuisine without trying this dish you will later regret. With these simple ingredients but with a recipe book and special cakes are sure you will have a meal out games. Some places you can look to enjoy: 35 Do awaken trade shop, cake Tran No. 4 Le Duan

2. Seafood, seafood hotpot

2 lau hai san result

Danang is dubbed Sea coastal city but to no experience, it's seafood you will lose 50% significance. With the variety of seafood and sea skilled people will definitely bring you new flavors. Come address Le Dinh Duong 98 seafood visit Ms. Cui you will have delicious hot pot

3. Interval Noodles

3 my quang result
Noodle long distances have become familiar with other tourism typical dishes of Danang people with diverse genres such as chicken noodle noodles, what meat, pasta snakehead .... You can sit at the roadside teahouses will also give you one tasty bowl.

4. Veal Cau Mong

4 beige leather thui forward cau nang result
Familiar rendezvous of men list on the weekend or take a salary rhythm. Even tourists often eat them at this location. Address 228 Dong Da

Bun lui 5.Nem barbecue

5 barbecue bun result
Appearing almost all roads of this dish was the guts of the students in each afternoon barbecue smell pervades the small corner to create a distinctive city

5 nem lui result
6. Bun Bo Hue

6 bun bo hue da nnag result
These are special dishes of Hue Hue main ones living here create special dishes or those who attend cooking courses plus one's own skills are also fragrant noodle bowl nao please the guests.

7. Tea Xuan Trang

Xuan da nang cover page 7 result
Danang second most famous tea shop located on Le Duan familiar with tea cups in a small corner has become a picture not very familiar with the guests. With an affordable price this is a familiar venue of the people here

8. Cao Lau - Hoi An chicken rice

High wipe hoi an 8 result
These are special dishes of Hoi An old town that nobody knows to try to enjoy the distinctive taste of this dish at Da Nang. Address 267 Thai market obliterate or 193 Nguyen Chi Thanh

8 com ga hoi an result
9. eat cakes and t: cake mix forehead, dried beef sandwiches, cakes strewn ... was the indispensable dish of the youth here, even deep in the alley, but you do not mind the distance that access and also the rendezvous every night of the visitors here. Address 354 172 Le Duan Le Dinh Duong or

9 an vat da nang result
10. Duck Porridge

10 chao vit da nang result

Also familiar dishes of people here with the smell of hot porridge bowl delicious sauce plus duck meat is very soft and plump would be a strange mouth dish of foreign tourists. Address 384 Phan Chu Trinh

Above is a delicious chocolate dish danang travel experience brings you.

Wish you will enjoy delicious food while traveling to Da Nang!

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