Phượt coffe shop when Backpacking to DaNang

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Along Da Nang Travel Experiences

Visit one cafe for people backpacking!

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In Danang Question 1 properly accented café villages Vietnam previous day, people will just nga ycho you to cafés Space Past No. 402-404 Dien Bien Phu, Da Nang. It can be said, who created this café is one genuine backpacking hand, he travels and experiences much to offer one style backpacking this extremely relevant publications.

Visit this café, you will be familiar with 3 boys backpacking famous player in the Club backpacking in Danang: Pham Huu Duc Anh (CEO Dana Logistics Company, Thanh Khe District - Team members backpacking minks Danang), said his delegation as Italy (City of Dragon Logistics Management, Lien Chieu district - a member of the team backpacking "Freedom") and finally Huynh Duy Phuong (care workers automobiles , also a member of the team backpacking "Freedom".)

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With the idea of ​​founding a café with a "private space" for the defense backpacking across the city, as well as government backpacking to Danang when the bar is favored Dana backpacking not simply by the taste of the kind beverages but also by how bold strokes "backpacking" for young dogs. On summer days the blazing weather Whether you want your collection to be flooding the streets, "dating backpacking" a meal should be the role but sunlight near 40 degrees Celsius of scorching summer. Or even want "creeping and hiding" in a cool room, then this is the place you can gather and plan for the full trip for your anniversary!

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From the scrap tires, the large displacement motorcycles are used specifically for people backpacking, the canteen of water containing multiple team days before familiar or old maps - indispensable in every stage of practice backpacking course, is the boss furnished in own style for consistency is impressive for anyone who ever came here sipping coffee and sharing trips are remembered by his main experience. The players come here backpacking may also find themselves the requisites for 1 trip excursions that are sold here in the bar as people backpacking helmets, scarves, shoes, glasses, protective equipment. .. suitable for trips and your pocketbook when equipped with gear ^^

Make the most attractive point is the experience of the story from the defense arm around backpacking experienced shared with you, the North take the South, even frequently both offshore as Southeast Asia itinerary backpacking . It is not just trips downs, the hardships during the journey to the riders but also leave the shared experience for the young people want to become backpacking government, including valuable lessons is the obvious baggage per backpacking need to equip themselves very firmly before you step into a challenging adventure of his own key.

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Da Nang Travel Experiences

Come and see the highlights Amin impressive style shop is so full of government backpacking.

backpacking Minister who passed Danang had remembered here sipping café sharing trips I've ever experienced. To instill life are endless trip!

Who had remembered horizontal message Admin café invites offline!


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