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When traveling Danang, guests will find plenty of cafes with very different styles.

In including the ancient cafes and traditional.

Here I would like to share the general list of antique style cafe where you can visit when traveling to Da Nang.

Danang City is known as a tourist destination very attractive throughout the country, with full convergence of rivers, mountains and sea included. All the things that make up a true picture painted marine charming. Coming to Da Nang tourism, moments after exploring the tourist attractions in Da Nang and enjoy culinary delights in Danang appetite, then you also want to enjoy fragrant coffee in the cafe toxic is not it wonderful!

Da Nang had plenty ancient cafes, created many special impression for visitors. Visit the cafe, visitors not only enjoy the delicious drinks, but also have the opportunity to admire the unique architecture and enjoy the feeling of space with various styles of nostalgic impression, man and nature form a great picture.


1) Kim Long Tea and Coffee

Address: 156 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Tel: 05113692963

Stylish design of the cafe as 1 picture wearing the Marine Carpentry simple form but delicate, offer a sense of peace and nostalgia ... it's the first feeling when entering the cafe Kim Long Danang.

Long needles Investigation

Kim Long cafe tea & coffee

Every detail here is expressed particular highlights, house structure, furniture and paintings to door curtains ... all make people feel like entering an oasis of peace. The highlight at the aquarium Koi Japanese restaurant featured middle bar, a lake full of koi swim around colorful very beautiful. At one point, the whale cute Koi tail thrashed back up the water like dolphins and surprises for everyone to enjoy amidst tranquil purity.

ca ho considered

Koi aquarium of cafes Kim Long

Kim Long Tea & Coffee also attracts tourists thanks to extremely drinks are delicious and fancy, the staff is quite enthusiastic and thoughtful professional in robes simple conical.


2) Truc Lam Vien

Address: 08-10 Tran Quy Cap Street, Da Nang

Tel: 0511 3843777

Truc Lam Vien

Cafe Truc Lam Vien - Main Gate

Coming to Truc Lam Vien you will feel like living in a space between the heart of the city of Hue Sun bustle and enjoy the music very soothing, deep and mixed with birdsong rather tunable.

Hue imperial cafe

The cafe is designed in the style of imperial Hue Xua

Truc Lam Vien coffee tnam the center of Danang, Cham Museum and dreamlike Han River. Unlike many other cafes, Cafe Truc Lam Vien is designed in the style of Royal Hue with area of ​​over 1000m2, with spacious gardens and airy combined with chest-old house from 100- 120 years was brought to the capital of Hue made the ancient Truc Lam Vien, cozy - intimate. Truc Lam Vien is an ideal place for you to relax mentally, entertainment in the city.

 3) No Ancient

Address: 402-404 Dien Bien Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

With an area of ​​approximately 5000m2, L-shaped, were variations by the majesty of a dragon head mouth shut themselves into the East Sea pearls. Then the dragon coiled himself embraces in space to shield the heart, embracing as not to lose "Space Past" that employers have built up for ever.

Space cafe scare

Xua Cafe Space tourism is a very famous Danang

Differences in Spatial Rococo is the old house with several very nice size. The ancient architecture of this 200-year old, restored with the original near the beam are skilled craftsmen carved up its feat. Inside the house the old house as court letter, couch,  fronts, table sets, ... neck with the details, motifs, reliefs are gifted and meticulous. Before the house is ancient bonsai trees and lush green landscape.

brilliant in dem

Brightly in night cafe

Go to Ancient, visitors really get to experience the feeling of belonging, as was reliving old and feel full of architectural value and historic value. Do not miss it this cafe.


4) Community Coffee Shop

Address: 96-98 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Danang Czech cafe decorated army green color is dominant, windows have bars on rustic wood. Like many other restaurant chains Czech cafe, chairs here also use blankets peacock cushion. Besides raising peacocks, shop cleverly evoke subconscious with wooden chairs, chairs and tables barber was old sewing machine.

Curved cafe

Czech cafe is designed in the style of military

Sitting in space that everything we use virtually anyone a stick will make you like relive fond childhood memories. Czech cafe also gives you feeling very gentle, peaceful, as deposition time, let go outside flow crowded, bustling.

ancient instrument

Community cafes are decorated with antique items

The antique style cafe above really impressed you correctly? Hopefully this experience will be useful to Da Nang tourism travelers.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, tourists take some time visit this place to discover and enjoy a drink space here offline.

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