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When you Danang Tourism in summer!

As every summer, many young people are racing to Danang to the ice cream shop to enjoy the cool cream linen. And summer is the tourist season, when the city heats up with tourists everywhere flock to the ice cream bars with all genres and interpret it more vibrant.

 1. Save the North American market An avocado cream

Like sticky cream, butter ice cream is also quite popular in Da Nang, but you get the address, who also pointed to the North American market by cream butter An here a lot of reviewers is fat and delicious . Just as the name implies, ice cream is made from two materials is ... butter and cream. Also, the cream is added very fragrant crispy dried coconut, coconut & peanuts fat is eaten immediately fascinated. Section cream was delicious, the butter is also owner should choose butter had elaborately plastic thickness for medium and fat, blended with ice cream, it was nothing compared with properly.


2. Save Cream Name 
Address: No. 10 Tran Quoc Toan 
and its name is called up for their ice cream sold under the registered weight, depending on each person's ability to eat. There are so many flavors to choose from: strawberry, chocolate, durian ... 
Specialist Register creams, ice cream plant, cold jackfruit, banana, yaout and beverage



3. dish fruit ice cream
Address: at 137 Le Dinh Duong, Hai Chau District 
Favorited in ice cream shop was fresh fruit. You call 1 part ice cream, you will enjoy a bowl filled with ice cream two people eat is also very ok. Not only ice cream protection, main course here, you can enjoy dishes such as cocoa cream cake, the taste of milk tea, ice syrup ,. Only with price from 12k to 25k, ice cream shop fruit is a favorite of the young.




4. Save Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream 
Address: 74 White Street, Hai Chau District. 
Whether newcomers cream market in Danang in the past few months but Baskin-Robbins ice cream has become a new dish in youth. This is a fairly well-known ice cream brand of the world, not to disappoint any customers yet. Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream with all 31 ice cream flavors, ice cream flavors are always great. Young people come here especially for your favorite chocolate, matcha ice cream strawberry jam, mint, ... You taste of ice cream will feel like returning to second.


Cream 5.Mon New Zealand
Address: No. 1 Tran Phu 
Cream new zealand is almost the most popular Da Nang.Quan least one space cream dog comfortable, with two floors, two floors above the ice cream sit looking at the Han River very interesting. Delicious ice cream in town and have different taste than the other shop.


6. Specialty Cube Tea Milk And Ice Cream
Address: No. 22 Haiphong 
The attraction of Cube's super Thai.Topping much cream roll pan, jelly cute polar bear picture. There are many flavors to choose from. 
The composition consists of milk cream rolls, ice cream and fresh fruit or simply vanilla. These materials are made ​​smaller on the pan until the winter ice decreases. Meanwhile, the shop will use special instruments to remove the rolled cream. Who is afraid of the cold cream may be used for hot or ice milk tea offline.


With so many smells like chocolate menu, Vietnam blueberries, mint, coconut, green tea, kiwi ... very comfortable for you to choose. Phase cream fairly elaborate by cream made ​​right on the pan so you'll probably have to wait a little longer, but make up for that and the quality of the ice cream can not disappoint. 
With prices ranging from 12k to 20k, you absolutely can choose one list item matching purse truth. The hot summer evening, come here to eat ice cream roll, the right is "not spending match" 
And one special thing is cream roll only at number 22 road Hai Phong, Da Nang

7. Save Cream Baskin Robbins
ice cream brand is popular in the United States, in Da Nang from early 2015 but very enthusiastic attention of the youth. The price seems a little cream glance suffer: 35,000 / 55,000 pellets and / tablet medium. But considering the size of the cream and ground expensive (just under Indochina shopping center - Bach) is also acceptable. cream is very rich menu, including 31 odor cream, and will likely grow further. In addition, it also has quite strange drinks and diversity to choose from. 
Note further you are here or promotion, follow-up to receive offers.



Danang is not only bright spot with bridges out of religion or hospitable people here but also to please the people by the rich culinary diversity and one of the food items can not not mention the day cream hot summer!

Travel Experiences Danang glad you came to Da Nang!

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