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Coming to Hoi An tourism 


Also visit the small streets of houses with tile roofs fall color ancient visitors what makes this neighborhood is nostalgic cuisine here.



Following Danang travel experience will show you some dishes coming here should definitely try once


Hoi An extremely small that but for you to try all the food here is not great cuisine here is very diverse, rich and not less dish is listed as rare in Vietnam of us.


High wipe result hoi an


1. High floor Hoi An


This is special and unique sound here. Known dishes appear from TK 17 when our country is implementing integration policy in the merchant door free trade and barter so much music scene really affected at least China and Japanese. But retains the distinctions of cuisine here. 

Made from rice flour mixed with cassava flour. Kha egg pasta when boiling water is not too soft taste is not too hard to chew in his mouth sound very stimulating taste while enjoying


In Hoi An, then go where you also will find this dish in every corner of the neighborhood are. But to enjoy the charming hut over the water, then you should visit the restaurant on Tran Phu. Very tasty and high bold qualities most proper floor


com ga hoi an result


2. Hoi An Chicken Rice


Made from rice grains are carefully selected plasticizer and aromatic cooked with chicken broth to the rice you'll usually fawn looks like rice mixed with technology. But not as yellow nhé of chicken broth you will realize when eating because the food tastes sweet sound bar. Chicken here is very soft chicken meat garden not not stop eating it's good. Chicken is usually mixed with chopped onion spices and herbs. Unknown smell but just look how color could make you love and want to enjoy right eye!


High Levels Similar to the chicken rice restaurants also sell a lot in the neighborhood so you feel free to choose a seating position best suited to be able to eat and watch the scenery.


Wonton chien result


3. Wonton


Like Cao Lau is a dish of cultures influenced Chinese cuisine. Wonton there are 2 kinds of water and wonton dumplings dry. Wonton soup and water then noodles with chicken and shrimp in water tent .... Fried wonton delicious sauce is slightly sweet and fatty food very tasty but a bit sick if you eat too much 
food can be enjoyed on the roadside teahouses or at Tran Phu dish is usually served with rice and chicken .


che hoi an result


4. Tea corn, black beans


This is a dish that cost you the most. See the colors on the counter to make the tea, then you have to try all of the tea aroma wafted plus colorful colors may make you immediately softened 

corn and tea Tea Tea Tea mixed beans are always dishes Sought eat most. Tea in Hoi An are sold primarily in the sidewalk should go nowhere can sit right at the bar.


In addition to the dishes we present to you, it is still well worth ti billion finest dishes like cakes at gai, beat cake, pancakes ... etc and you try to bring decent money, you joke is not it about 100k for everyone to be able to enjoy the food here if you are a junk food fanatic!


Da Nang travel experiences have fun!




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