Cộng Cafe - Cafe Worth subsidy period when tourism Da Nang

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Back in subsidized with  Cộng coffee

Along Da Nang travel experience

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Located at 98-96 prime Bach Dang - Danang, Republic Cafe is not the model like a normal coffee café racing day came up, it brings 1 strange and unique ideas that built in the architectural style after the country had just freed. Young people often come to this cafe because of curiosity, try a strange feeling of setting subsidy ago, there was even the middle-aged and elderly guests to rediscover nostalgic subsidized period, to shop to smell Space Report and other ancient atmosphere deposited in each man, and also a lot of foreign tourists also chose this location to try the feeling back of subsidized Vietnam national liberation day!
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The cafe is a model Thuy Hang, along with sister Thuy Hanh founded. With the old model, you will be returned to space subsidized period yore with items that are created in the image and people familiar with Vietnam subsidy period. With an area of ​​200 m2, you can enjoy yourself sipping coffee drop and watch the Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge lit by night.

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Café Plus is the leading coordinating with army green colors wartime, the Public old quilt cover with impression and memories of many people being forced into a chair looking back two old belt cushions create dramatic accents , the windows have bars on old rustic wood, makes one to also recall the subsidized house of his parents before the rest day is very rare. Incandescent light bulb of electricity delivered by the hour segment is suspended ceiling that hovered on the ceiling, like that remind and haunting echo of one from your childhood that someone may live and via son of the subsidized period so that it does not lack the seductive beauty of each one when entering the Czech café. Feeling as everyone can see exactly what is real old, not try to make it old, wry's fashionable trends.

cafe cong 4 resultFor those who have not lived through the deprivation of the subsidized period, painted wooden chairs and tables luxury sewing machine fails, only the map "junk" will be taken and sold as scrap or discarded, then here are people with creativity, this old items again become strong accents reminiscent reviews for people who enjoy the old space. It was here, the main factor is furnished by scoring strokes create residual attachment between a young and dynamic city. Czech cleverly café, gleaned scene reminiscent to create customer subconscious with wooden chairs subsidized day time with old make up the ineffable impression definition, barber chair and table clothes sewing machines are something very familiar one time of any family living in the era just liberated country!

You may upstairs of the restaurant, which offers spacious doorway can be comfortable watching the streets busy fasting and you're in the middle of a nostalgic scenery - you will feel the great things of time , everything changed completely but to sign the Convention will always remain in any man any nostalgia!

And when private sip from the cup of coffee enjoying a peaceful place between the middle of the city. The most important thing is settling his heart looked back to forget the chaos of life, find yourself a little quiet of the new day muoc liberated land. 
 Experience the Da Nang Tourism

Hope to reach young Danang city you will visit Café and enjoy a cup of coffee plus between old place!


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