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Presenting to you delicious grilled fish cake soup - cheap!

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Cake Fish soup is very rustic dish of sea city of Da Nang. You'd be surprised that middle place bustling street that has a shop selling fish porridge baked bread soup quite tasty, but the price is only about 6k ca / ​​bowl.

Referring to the dish at Da Nang City, one can not ignore a grilled fish cake soup located on Tran Hung Dao song lasts, the lower leg Thuan Phuoc bridge or a road end of Bach Dang Thuan Bridge Blessed 2km range and near a fork. 

Perhaps you are familiar with bread rolls and bread soup bone soup ... so you should look Gratuity enjoy it once to feel the delicious grilled fish cake soup bowl to jive !

This grilled fish cake soup or longer Danang people called bread soup ... field. Because it has this strange name from the former site selling grilled fish cake soup has lots of land so people call it the bread soup for easy identification fields.

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With today's prices, it sold a 1 place brimming bowl bread soup that approximately 6K / bowl. A very cheap price compared to the price of this day, but the perception of many people eating, also fairly tasty.

Restaurant is open from 16 at around 3:30 pm but some are already arrival.

This material is fish cake soup, fried fish, onion, rice ... The fish here are snapper, tuna or marinated spices then baked to moderate, as gentle to grade meat Fish started off, taste grilled fish is extremely fragrant. And fibers made ​​of rice flour cake so milky-colored water is very characteristic, is tasting very moderate, very sound sweet taste of fish, spicy spicy chili color, bold flavor. 

Plus is straw yellow onion, a little oil scum, get a little fried fish and basil that was enough to make a porridge bowl delicious grilled fish.

Da Nang Travel Experiences

Wishing you a delicious with grilled fish cake soup!

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