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Hotels in the city of Da Nang 
Travel Da Nang to the hotel booked for convenience? 
Rent rooms like? 
Here's a list of motels and cheap hotels in Da Nang.

Da Nang is a tourist resort hot and crowded so you never run out of rooms all. Hotels in Danang lot, located along Khe beach but also in the center nor less.

You can contact your network administrator for assistance booking best price.

Often people prefer to rent property in the My Khe beach. But many people do not need to hire security for hotels near the beach.

 If you want to save money, then on the way downtown as Bach Dang, Pham Phu Thu, Tran Phu, Hung Vuong ... but rented, it is the same price unless tour operators put your household ( of course if you go at peak tourist season, they must put before). Here, the price of  both rational and the crowded, easy to walk around at night.

General Price: 400000-600000 VND / room. If type 2 spouses and children comfortable here. As you travel in groups of 3-4 range even 5 people, you should also share the rent will be saving 1 room.

Tier 2 * - 3 * or more, are priced 900 K-1500k.

If you want cheaper housing can only stay for about the price 200000-350000 VND / room (3-4 persons in also).

You can Call center operator Danang Travel Tours to be booked with the lowest price:

Hotline: 0912 148 135 


Below is a list of motels and hotels are more people and introduce himself had collected - summarize: 

- Hotels Sion 121/7 Hoang Van Thu Street, Hoang Van Thu street lane. -

Hoang Lan Hotel, 189 Nguyen Van Thoai. Phone 0511.3.836 777 (near Khe beach)

- Phuong Trang Hotel at 142 Bach Dang Street. Tel: 05113. 899 990 supports.

- The hotel is located some 25 Lan Phuong Phan Chu Trinh, behind the Opera House.

This is downtown, walk to breakfast - lunch - dinner, all very convenient, the price is cheap.

- Trade Union Hotel - Da Nang: Tel: 0511 3 825857 may at 3 to 4 people, located in the center.

- Vacation Duy Hoang (0511.3823254) at 112 Nguyen Chi Thanh street for Phượt people in very ok - Han River Bridge and Korean market revolves around a 5-minute walk away.

- Lodging 04 Le Duan Street, Da Nang. Contact her Dung Phone number: 0905.415.615

- Rainbow Hotel at 220 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District. Phone: 0511.3822216

- Mimosa Hotel in Lot Z12 - 13 dTran Hung Dao - Son Tra district. Tel: 0511.3931901

- Sunset Bay Danang 3 * hotel.

- Drana guesthouse. Address: 52 Nguyen Huu Tho - Danang. Tel: 0905.129.003 - also includes motorcycle rentals.

The higher priced hotels and better quality:

- Hotels HAGL Plaza Danang at number 1 on Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau district, Da Nang): 5 stars, 1.5km from Danang airport. Room rates VND 1,650,000 +

- Da Nang Petro Hotel, No. 7 Quang Trung, Hai Chau-Danang. Standard 3 stars, occupancy rates VND 900,000 ++

- In addition, you can also find beautiful hotels but the price is quite good as Thanh Binh KS Unions (No. 2 Ong Ich Khiem Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang) prices ranging from 350,000 VND / night.

- Or Galaxy Hotel Danang Bac My An Beach, Danang. Room rate of 320,000 VND / night.

 Da Nang Travel Experiences

Wish you find a suitable place to stay

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